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Man Raises Polar Bear Cub, Now They Share a Bed

man raises polar bear cub
Image by GeoAnimal via YouTube

This is the unbelievable tale of a man who raises a polar bear cub.

First of all: do not try this at home! Polar bears are one of the most lethal hunters out there, but I guess there’s always the exception that proves the rule.

How the Polar Bear Cub Beame a Family Member 

Mark, being an animal trainer, had been tasked with finding a polar bear cub for a movie. This is when he heard of Agee – she was being raised by zoo keepers because her mom couldn’t handle all her pups, and Mark stepped in to help.

He got Agee when she was only eight weeks old, and training began immediately. At the end of the film, their bond had grown so strong that Mark decided to keep her himself. 

A Cub That Is All Grown Up

Man raises polar bear cub
Image by GeoAnimal via YouTube

Living with a polar bear is far from ordinary, and she is far more dangerous now than when she was a cub. Having reached her full size, Agee now weighs over 800 pounds and stands 7 feet tall when she is on her hind legs. 

Despite this, she acts and is treated more like a pet dog – and not like a brutal predator.

The Daily Life with a Polar Bear

Despite her massive size, Agee shares a surprisingly domestic life with Dumas. 

Their daily activities include swimming sessions in Dumas’s pool, where they love playing together. Allegedly, Agee even sleeps in their bed every now and then.

This routine illustrates the unusual bond that has developed between them.

The Video: Man Raises Polar Bear Cub

YouTube video
“Man took a tiny polar bear from the zoo! Now their friendship shocks everyone”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: GeoAnimal

Safety and Training

Handling a polar bear requires rigorous training and an acute awareness of the animal’s strength and instincts. Dumas, with years of experience in animal training, has developed methods to ensure both his safety and that of Agee. This careful management allows their extraordinary relationship to flourish while minimizing risks.

Man Raises Polar Bear Cub: Conclusion

polar bear
Image via Pexels

While we shouldn’t forget that polar bears can be incredibly dangerous and should not be approached under any circumstance, this tale proves that under (certain and very rare) circumstances, they can also make great cuddle buddies.

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