By Josie  December 13th, 2023

Man Feeds Bear Big Mac Burger But It Refuses

This viral video shows a man trying to feed a bear a Big Mac burger – but the unimpressed bear outright refuses.

This bear clearly knows what real meat is supposed to taste like, and a fast food burger is far below its standards.

You’d think that the bear would gulp it down in a second, but the bear is unimpressed and simply refuses – even when the man takes out just the meat patty.

The Footage

Bears, even those that seem tame, are unpredictable and can become aggressive without warning.

Underlying Risks

The man in the video is evidently unbothered by the potential risks and engages with the bear much as you would engage with a dog.

These majestic creatures are an integral part of Russia’s wildlife and are commonly found in its vast forests and remote regions.

Are Bears Common in Russia?

As a result, they often feature in Russian folklore and culture. 

In these stories, they typically symbolize strength and endurance. However, their encounters with humans, as seen in the video, are definitely not common or advisable.

Human Food and Wild Animals

Feeding wild animals, especially with human food, can have detrimental effects on their health and behavior.

Human food is not suited for wild animals and can lead to nutritional imbalances and health issues – especially something as processed and artificial as a Big Mac burger.

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Swipe up for the video!