By Josie  July 28th, 2023

Man Fights Kangaroo

to Save His Dog's Life

A man ends up in a fight against a kangaroo in order to save his dog from a potentially life-threatening situation.

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The kangaroo, a formidable marsupial known for its strength and agility, has a chokehold on the man’s dog.

A Dangerous situation

When the man approaches, it releases the dog, and then the man throws a punch - after which the kangaroo hops away.

Man Vs. Marsupial

Although fighting kangaroos should in no way be encouraged, all dog owners probably agree that they would do just about anything to save their pet.

Unlike this fight, it would be safer to try and scare the kangaroo away by making loud noises or throwing objects near it, rather than directly confronting it.

Not really - they are herbivores and typically exhibit a docile and skittish nature.

Are Kangaroos Dangerous?

However, like any wild animal, kangaroos can pose potential risks to humans, particularly when they feel threatened or cornered.

Their legs are their most powerful weapon and can deliver a kick with a force of over 200 pounds per square inch.

Powerful Kicks

They can stand on their tail and use their forelimbs to strike their opponent in a boxing-like fashion.


On their forelimbs, kangaroos have sharp claws that they can use to scratch and claw at an opponent.

Sharp Claws

Their teeth are designed for grazing on vegetation, but they can still cause injury if it bites in self-defense.


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