By Josie  August 31st, 2023

Man Rides Humpback Whale To Untangle It and Risks His Life

Realizing his plight towards marine wildlife, a man risks his life when he rides a humpback whale to untangle from a fishing line.

A majestic humpback whale, a symbol of the ocean’s grandeur, found itself ensnared in the deadly grip of a fishing line.

The incredible footage captures the man's  struggle to maintain his position on the whale’s back, all the while holding a knife clenched between his teeth.

The Rescue Mission

This endeavor was far from brief; it took three hours for the fisherman to liberate the whale.

The video showcases the sheer determination and courage of the man, as well as the vulnerability of the trapped whale.

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Humpback whales, despite their gentle reputation can with the single flick of their tail inadvertently harm a human.

The Potential Dangers of  Humpback Whales

It’s estimated that a humpback whale can produce a force of over 500 pounds per square inch with a single tail flick.

Fishing lines, though seemingly innocuous, are silent killers in the marine world.

Fishing Lines: A Looming Threat

Fishing lines can wrap around the whale’s body, fins, or mouth, restricting its movement, causing injuries, and even leading to starvation.

Humpback whales, once hunted to the brink of extinction, have seen a resurgence in numbers.

Are Humpback Whales Endagered?

However, they still face numerous threats, from fishing lines to ship strikes and habitat destruction.

Swipe up to watch the video!

Swipe up to watch the video!