By Josie  August 15th, 2023

Man Serenades Donkey That Naps In His Arms

This video of a man that serenades his donkey reminds us that music and love are both universal languages, understood by all species.

An Ohio man can be seen cradling a donkey in his arms and serenades it with the classic song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

The Serenade

It showcases the gentle nature of these creatures and the deep connection they can share with humans.

The brain processes sound vibrations: while abrupt, loud noises can trigger adrenaline, repetitive and gentle sounds soothe the nervous system.

Musical Therapy

Given the heightened auditory sensitivity of many animals compared to humans, it’s logical to utilize music therapy for animals too.

Musical Therapy For Animals

Research has shown that classical music, especially compositions with a consistent rhythm and slower tempo, induces a calming effect on various animals.

Especially at shelters, playing calming music make animals appear more at ease, increasing their chances of adoption.

Animals listening to certain types of music tend to lie down, breathe slower, and appear more relaxed.

Physiological Benefits

Music therapy can be a noninvasive and effective approach to treat various anxieties or phobias in pets.

Anxiety Reduction

The  video of  the man that serenades his donkey shows how love is a universal language capable of bridging gaps words often cannot.

What's Love Got to Do With It?

In a world echoing with a myriad of sounds, may we always choose the harmonious notes of love and kindness.

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