Meet Ohio’s Predatory Coyote Population


Coyotes as Top Predators, & More For The Coyote

Coyotes as  Top Predators:

Role in the Ecosystem

Crucial role in maintaining ecosystem balance

Role in the Ecosystem

Apex predators, they regulate populations of smaller mammals such as rabbits, mice, and voles

Role in the Ecosystem:

Thereby controlling their impact on vegetation and preventing overgrazing

Adaptability and Resilience

Displayed remarkable adaptability, allowing them to survive and flourish in diverse environments

Adaptability and Resilience:

Can modify their diet according to available food sources, shifting from small mammals to fruits, insects, and even carrion when necessary

Adaptability and Resilience

Their resilience is evident in their ability to navigate human-dominated landscapes and coexist alongside human populations

Comparison to Other Top Predators

They coexist with other large carnivores in Ohio, such as foxes, bobcats, and raptors

Comparison to Other Top Predators

Adaptability and wide-ranging habitat use give them a competitive edge over some of their counterparts

Comparison to Other Top Predators

Allowing them to successfully establish themselves in various regions across the state


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