Meet the Elephant Rescued From Zoo

Join the inspiring journey of Kaavan

A once-captive elephant rescued from a Pakistani zoo

As he finds a new lease on life at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.

Discover the splendor of his 30-acre forest home.

His rediscovered freedom, and the transformative power of compassion that elevates his story to a symbol of hope for animal welfare.

Kaavan’s tale begins as a story of hope amidst adversity.

He is a beacon of light for animals seeking liberation from restricted environments.

Their diet primarily includes grasses, leaves, bark, roots, fruits, seeds, tubers, and tree branches.


They eat up to 300 pounds of food daily, and their diet primarily comprises vegetation in their habitat preference.

As one of the largest and most potent land mammals on Earth, African  bush elephants are known for their complex social behaviors, which  involve a wide range of interactions with others of their kind.

At the heart of the African bush elephant’s social structure are its  family groups, which typically consist of a matriarch, her female  offspring, and any younger males.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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