Meet The Largest Alpaca Baby

We visited the Alpaca Loom yesterday and we were stoked to hear about the largest alpaca baby being born.

A whopping 12.2 kilograms.

We even got to meet the baba which was very cute!

Generally alpacas weigh between 7–11 kilograms.

So you can see why this 12.2 baby was rather surprising in comparison.

This special alpaca baby was born near Paarl, in South Africa.

Near Paarl, there is a place called the Alpaca Loom.

he have a lovely vibe, with a feeding and petting pen.

They have very informative tours and talks, all about the alpacas.

They shave them for their wool and make amazing products on site.

While it’s not common knowledge, some experts suggest that alpacas, can indeed have allergic reactions to their fellow herd members.

There are vast amounts of  info on these majestic animals!

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