Meet The Largest Chimpanzee

Welcome to the world of the Largest Chimpanzee!

Chimpanzees are fascinating primates known for their intelligence, social behavior, and unique personalities.

Up to 5 feet tall, 100 pounds


These great apes come in all shapes and sizes, but few compare to the largest chimpanzee ever recorded.

Omnivores, primarily fruits, supplemented by leaves, flowers, seeds, insects, and occasionally meat


Meet Boma, a male chimpanzee weighing an astonishing 236 pounds and over 5 feet tall.

Live in communities dominated by males, tool-making abilities, complex social behaviors


Boma’s size is due to a combination of genetics and his upbringing.

Dense forests


He was found and raised in the wild by a group of humans who raised him  as a pet, feeding him an abundant diet of fruits, vegetables, and meat.

32-39 years

Life Span

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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