By Josie  October 24th, 2023

Miraculous Birth (and Survival) of Twin Elephants In New York

History was made in the state of New York when an Asian elephant gave birth to twin calves, who miraculously both survived.

This occurrence so rare and extraordinary that it marked a historic moment not just for the zoo, but for the entire United States.

Elephant twin births are a rare phenomenon, accounting for less than 1% of all elephant births globally.

How Rare Are Elephant Twins?

The survival rate of both calves is even more uncommon, making such events particularly newsworthy.

Various factors contribute to this rarity, including the elephants’ complex reproductive system and the significant resources required to nurture two calves simultaneously.

The birth of Yaad and Tukada is a significant milestone for the conservation of the endangered Asian elephant species.

A Milestone

Born on October 24, 2022, the first calf, Yaad, arrived in the world healthy and strong, weighing 220 pounds.

Ten hours later, Tukada made his entrance, albeit weaker but resilient, marking the beginning of their extraordinary journey.

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Fast forward to their toddler years, Yaad and Tukada have exhibited remarkable growth, each weighing a hefty 650 pounds.

The Twins Rapid Growth

Their diet, initially dependent on Mali’s milk, has diversified to include fruits, vegetables, grains, and hay.

Their Diet

The twins’ playful and curious nature, coupled with their close bond with their mother, is a delightful spectacle for visitors and caretakers alike.

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