By Josie  August 1st, 2023

Mom and Son Dead Following First Polar Bear Attack In 30 Years

A mom and her son tragically passed away after falling victim to the first Polar Bear attack in 30 years.

It took place in Wales, Alaska, a small whaling community located just 50 miles from Russia.

The Community Where It Happened

It’s an extremely small and tight-knit community with a population of no more than 150 people.

The mother and child were walking from the School to a health clinic when they were ambushed by a polar bear.

The Attack

As the attack unfolded, community members attempted to intervene, using shovels to scare the bear away - but without success.

The view from the school.

Climate change is increasingly affecting the Arctic region, leading to significant shifts in the behavior and habitat of polar bears.

A Consequence of Climate Change?

In the case of the Wales attack, the bear was found to be in poor physical condition, possibly elderly, and likely struggling to find food.

The bear’s aggressive behavior could have been a desperate attempt to find sustenance.

According to research, the Arctic sea ice extent has declined by about 13% per decade since 1979.

Loss of Habitat

Rain-on-snow events in Norway led to a 70% mortality rate for cubs in dens during the winter of 1990-2000.

Threat to Reproduction

This first polar bear attack in Alaska in 30 years serves as a somber reminder of the delicate balance between humans, wildlife, and the environment.

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