By Josie  November 27th, 2023

More Than 50 Dogs Rescued from Meat Industry

These 50 dogs (probably even more!) that were rescued from the claws of the dog meat industry give a new meaning to “puppy eyes.”

In a world where animal welfare is increasingly at the forefront of societal concerns, this recent rescue is a significant victory.

The black market for dog meat is fueled by a complex mix of cultural, economic, and legal factors.

What Drives the Industry?

In some regions, dog meat is consumed due to longstanding cultural practices, often linked to traditional beliefs or perceived health benefits.

Economically, the illicit trade thrives where there is poverty and a lack of animal welfare laws.

Nations like China, South Korea, and Vietnam have specific regions where the practice is more prevalent.

Where Is Dog Meat Legal?

Laws are either non-existent or not adequately enforced, leading to a proliferation of illegal activities and animal cruelty.

The Rescue Mission

The rescue, initiated by a midnight call to the coalition from local police, involved providing emergency care and TLC to these traumatized puppers.

Many of the dogs rescued in such missions are believed to be stolen pets, a heartbreaking reality that adds a layer of tragedy to this trade.

The psychological impact on these dogs, who are abruptly uprooted from the safety of their homes and loved ones, is unimaginable.

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