Top 10 Most Endangered Animals in the United States

It could be that animals of the genus homo sapiens will be the most significant influence to have threatened the earth’s biodiversity.

The declining amphibian population due to habitat destruction, pollution, diseases, and climate change is a strong indicator of where our atmosphere is headed.

Global Warming?

The Californian Condor is the largest flying bird in America. It can glide for hours without flapping its wings while searching for food. Their decline is caused by human activities like poisoning.

#1 Californian Condor 

Habitat loss from forest degradation, fragmentation, agriculture, and urban sprawl has dwindled the Panther population. This reduced range causes  inbreeding (which reduces their genetic diversity), disease and frequent collisions with automobiles.

#2 Florida Panther

This mammal is the smallest member of the porpoise family. The species is threatened by extinction and with barely over a dozen left, they are currently red-listed. Their decline in population is mainly caused by bycatch in gillnets by fishermen illegally fishing for Totoaba. 

#3 Vaquita

The Red Wolf is a critically endangered animal. The number of red wolves in the wild sits at barely two dozen. Several factors included persecution by ranchers, parasite infestations, environmental diseases, and food competition have caused their decline.

#4 Red Wolf

Giant Sea Bass is a critically endangered species. Recreational and commercial fishing, especially the use of gillnets, is mainly culpable for the depleting number of these species over the past decades.

#5 Giant Sea Bass

They are members of the weasel family. There are only about 370 black-footed ferrets left in the wild. Habitat loss due to agriculture is the main cause of their decline.

#6 Black-Footed Ferret

Bad water quality, diseases resulting from pollutants and land runoff, and overfishing has unbalanced their ecosystem by reducing natural predators and prey, and allowing more seaweed and algae to overwhelm them.

#7 Staghorn Coral

Since 2006, there has been no reported sighting of any Franklin’s bumble bee and some fear it might already even be extinct.

#8 Franklin’s Bumblebee

There are fewer than 250 mature dusky Gopher frogs in the wild. Habitat loss, diseases, and invasive species have been culpable for the frog’s population decline.

#9 Mississippi Gopher Frog

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