The Grand Return of Killer Whales in  False Bay

BY LINNEA  30 MAY 2023

I’m thrilled to report the extraordinary return of killer whales to the coastal waters of False Bay.

Since 2009, witnessing these majestic creatures in hunting mode has become an annual spectacle...

This tradition, however, unfortunately ceased in 2015

During their reign, images of these energetic, adept hunters dominated the media, granting them a status akin to celebrities.

On this day, a new pod graced us with its presence.

Contrary to expectations, the meeting between the killer whales and a 300-strong pod of common dolphins unfolded strangely.

Interestingly, the dolphins hardly sped up, moving only at about 15 km/h, though they can speed up to 56 km/h.

This unique event led me to hypothesize that the killer whales had been stalking and preying on this pod for several days.

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