Pet Owners Reunite With Missing Cat 12 Years Later

In the world of pet owners, the pain of losing a beloved furry family member never truly fades.

For Angelo and Shelley Castellino of San Diego, California, the disappearance of their cat, Butters, in 2011 was a heartache that seemed impossible to heal.

Little did they know that over a decade later, a miraculous turn of events would bring Butters back into their lives.

Twelve years ago, Butters, a beloved cat, slipped away from his home in San Diego, California, and never returned.

In a twist of luck that no one saw coming, the couple received a life-changing call – Butters was alive!

Their missing cat, it turned out, had found his way to the desert town of Blythe, California, more than 200 miles away from his San Diego home

Even more remarkably, Butters had wandered into the yard of an animal services officer.

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