By Josie  January 7th, 2024

Pig Escapes and a 30-Minute Police Chase Ensues

The duties of our police officers are many and diverse, but chasing pigs does not usually form part of their normal activities

Are you ready to meet the pig involved in this 30-minute police chase?

Albert Einswine, a four-year-old pot-bellied pig, sparked a frenzy after escaping from a farm in the New Sharon section of Deptford Township.

His leisurely stroll turned into a 30-minute chase, covering about a quarter-mile, as police officers struggled to catch him.

The Footage

After the successful capture, the pig’s owner arrived, and Albert was safely returned to his farm.

This incident shows that police work can sometimes involve more than just dealing with human-related issues.

It also extends to ensuring the safety of animals and the public in such unforeseen circumstances.

Although Albert Einswine’s exact speed during the chase isn’t specified, pigs can run up to 11 miles per hour!

How Fast Can Pigs Run?

Pigs are among the most intelligent farm animals, exhibiting cognitive abilities comparable to dogs and even young children. 

Are Pigs Intelligent?

Pigs also display social intelligence, forming intricate social networks and communicating through a range of vocalizations and body language.

Swipe up to watch the video!

Swipe up to watch the video!