Porcupine Seriously Wounds Leopard

This leopard is literally licking its wounds in an attempt to heal its severe injuries following a porcupine fight.

Despite being one of the most fearsome predators on the African savannah, this powerful feline is far from invisible.

The video documents a leopard dealing with the painful consequences following a fight with a porcupine.

Numerous painful porcupine quills are embedded in its face, paws, and chest.

The Footage

It attempts to remove these quills using its teeth, a task proving almost difficult. Despite its efforts, it’s only able to remove a fraction of the spikes.

When threatened, they raise these quills, which are actually modified hairs, making them appear larger and more intimidating.

The Porcupine's Defense

These quills can easily detach and embed themselves in the flesh of predators, causing severe pain and potential infections.

Porcupine quills vary in size, but they can be remarkably long, with some reaching lengths of up to 12 inches.

How Long Are Porcupine Spikes?

These quills are not just long; they are also barbed, making them difficult to remove once embedded.

Infections and mobility issues are immediate threats. However, leopards have remarkable healing abilities and are adept at caring for their wounds.

Will the Leopard Survive?

The chances of survival depend on the depth and number of quills, as well as the leopard’s overall health and ability to continue hunting.

By likcing, it cleans the wound, helping to remove debris and reduce the risk of infection, and the enzymes in the saliva can promote healing.

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