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Let's take a look at how insanely different they are!

The wild puma and the domesticated pitbull has little in common other than both beginning with the same letter.

Size of the Puma

Being one of the largest members of the cat family, they usually reach weight of 90-180 pounds and range from 3 to 6 feet in length.

Size of the Pitbull

The pitbull is a medium-sized but solidly built dog.

Although their size varies, they usually measure 18-22 inches in height and 30-60 pounds in weight.

Pumas reside in various parts of North and South America, typically in remote wilderness areas.

Being domesticated, Pitbulls are found in urban or suburban areas all around the globe.

Puma Vs. Pitbull: Diet

Puma's are carnivorous, primarily hunting deer and elk.

Pitbulls are omnivorous, with a diet consisting of meat, vegetables, and grains.

Pumas are solitary and territorial.

Puma Vs. Pitbull: Social Behavior

Pitbulls are the exact opposite, they're super social and love being around people and other animals.

Pumas have amazing physical capabilities – they can run up to 50 mph and jump up to 40 feet in a single bound.

Pitbulls are famous for its strength and agility, which is why it was used for dog fighting (which is now illegal, of course.)

They can run at up to 30 mph.

A Threat to Humans?

Pumas can be lethal if threatened, but typically avoid human conflict.

Pitbulls can be aggressive if not properly trained or socialized - but also make great family pets.

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