American Pygmy Goat

Liam Maart


In the early 1900s, breeders selectively bred Nigerian Dwarf goats with other small goat breeds to produce an even smaller animal with a docile temperament and high fertility.


The American Pygmy Goat has an affectionate and social temperament. They are extremely friendly and love interacting with their human owners. Pygmy Goats are very curious and playful creatures that form deep bonds with their owners.

Environmental Benefits

They produce nutrient-rich manure that makes an excellent fertilizer for your garden or farm. Their droppings can be composted or added directly to the soil to provide plant nutrients

American Pygmy Goats As Pets

American Pygmy Goats make wonderful and unique pets. While their small stature and silly antics can bring joy and laughter, they are also useful animals.

Socialization, Training, And Behavior Tips

Mist Cats are known to be affectionate, gentle, and friendly, making them highly trainable. Start socialization and training early in their lives to ensure healthy habits and personalities.

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