Rescue Three Trapped Snakes

This is definitely the most unbelievable rescue of three trapped snakes I have ever seen.

One main rescuer really puts his balance and courage to the test as other help him complete the mission.

Noticing that three snakes are trapped in the body of water and unable to find their way out.

Two guys grab a piece of rope, one anchoring at the top and one using it to try hold himself steady as he goes down the slope.

The main rescuer was using a snake hook to try lift the snake up out of the water.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, he unfortunately loses his balance and slips on the side of the irrigation pond.

He manages to quickly get back to his feet and stays determined in his mission.

He finally manages to hook the first snake and bring it up to the top of the slope, where someone is waiting with a snake sack to contain it.

The snake looks weary and strikes at the sack before peacefully going inside.

In conclusion, you should never try this at home.

If possible always call a professional and keep your distance unless you have the training.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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