Russian Swimmer’s Last Seconds in a Shocking Shark Attack


In the serene resort town of Hurghada...

The tranquillity was shattered when a horrifying shark attack....

...claimed the life of 23-year-old Russian national Vladimir Popov.

The relentless assault from a tiger shark occurred in the unexpected location of the Red Sea.

And the attack ended within a mere 20 seconds!

A video of the event shows Popov struggling to survive as the shark pulls him under the surface, which has since circulated online.

The shark seemingly toyed with its prey for the next two hours, creating a scene that onlookers will likely never forget.

The late swimmer’s father, Yury Popov, a witness to the chilling event....

Heartbroken, Yury recounted his son’s plea,   as he was being attacked.

‘Papa, save me,’

A peaceful day at the beach turned into a nightmare, the deadly event unfolding in mere seconds.

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