By Josie  November 27th, 2023

Scout Girls Flee From Huge Alligator in Houston

The mere thought of how badly this could’ve ended is enough to send chills down your spine.

An idyllic scene of a group of Scout girls taking a well-deserved dip in a lake took a sharp turn when they had to flee from a huge alligator attempting an attack.

Did you know that Texas is home to some of the most alligator-infested lakes in the U.S.?

 Let this almost-attack be a lesson to always keep your eyes peeled.

Alligators in Texas

Texas is home to a significant alligator population, estimated between 400,000 to 500,000, comparable to the entire population of Wyoming​​​​.

In fact, the state houses some of the most alligator-infested lakes in the U.S., such as Lake Lewisville, Lake Worth, Caddo Lake, and Eagle Mountain Lake.

If an alligator approaches, maintain a safe distance and slowly back away, especially if it hisses, a sign that you are too close.

If an Alligator Approaches

In the harrowing incident which could’ve had a lethal ending, a 14-foot alligator attempted an attack on a group of Girl Scouts swimming in a Texas lake.

Luckily, the scouts managed to escape unharmed.

 The local sheriff subsequently closed the beach, highlighting the need for heightened caution in areas known for alligator presence.

Despite their dangerous nature, we must remember that alligators play a crucial role in Texas’ ecosystem.

Once endangered, they were removed from the endangered species list in 1978 but remain legally protected.

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