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Scout Girls Flee From Huge Alligator in Houston


An idyllic scene of a group of Scout girls taking a well-deserved dip in a lake in a Texas State Park took a sharp turn when they had to flee from a huge alligator attempting an attack. The mere thought of how badly this could’ve ended is enough to send chills down your spine.

Did you know that Texas is home to some of the most alligator-infested lakes in the U.S.? Let this almost-attack be a lesson to always keep your eyes peeled.

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Alligator in Texas: A Bigger Problem Than You Might Think

Texas is home to a significant alligator population, estimated between 400,000 to 500,000, comparable to the entire population of Wyoming​​​​. These creatures primarily inhabit the eastern half of the state, often found in wetlands closer to Louisiana or along the Gulf Coast​​.

In fact, the state houses some of the most alligator-infested lakes in the U.S., such as Lake Lewisville, Lake Worth, Caddo Lake, and Eagle Mountain Lake.

What to Do if an Alligator Approaches You

As with any encounter with an apex predator, it’s crucial to remain calm and not provoke the animal. Avoid feeding or enticing alligators, as this is both dangerous and illegal.

If an alligator approaches, maintain a safe distance and slowly back away, especially if it hisses, a sign that you are too close. Remember, alligators can be surprisingly fast over short distances​​.

Scout Girls Flee From Huge Alligator: The Video

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In the harrowing incident which could’ve had a lethal ending, a 14-foot alligator attempted an attack on a group of Girl Scouts swimming in a Texas lake. One of the mothers present instinctively thought of protecting the girls, immediately putting herself between the alligator and the girls.

Luckily, the scouts managed to escape unharmed. The local sheriff subsequently closed the beach, highlighting the need for heightened caution in areas known for alligator presence.

Why Are Alligators Protected in Texas?

Despite their dangerous nature, alligators play a crucial role in Texas’ ecosystem. Once endangered, they were removed from the endangered species list in 1978 but remain legally protected.

The reason for this is that alligators help maintain the balance in freshwater ecosystems. Understanding their behavior is key to coexisting with them safely​​ and avoiding dangerous situations.

What Is a Nuisance Alligator?

A nuisance alligator is legally defined as one that poses a threat to human safety or is involved in killing livestock or pets. In such cases, Texas Parks and Wildlife is authorized to handle the situation, given the alligators’ protected status.

Scout Girls Flee From Huge Alligator: Conclusion

This heart-racing encounter between a group of Girl Scouts and an alligator in Houston could’ve ended terribly. Nevertheless, it stands as a reminder of the highly alligator-infested lakes of Texas. Make sure to do your research when you’re in alligator land and keep your eyes wide open to avoid an attempted attack.

Thank you for reading this story about the alligator who attempted an attack on a group of scout girls! To dive deeper into the world of these powerful reptilians with us:

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