Seagull Skillfully Shoplifts a Packet of Doritos

By Josie  July 27th, 2023

Footage from a security camera shows how a seagull shoplifts a packet of Doritos.

And, everything indicates that this isn’t its first offense...

Although it’s a simple video, it shows numerous things about seagulls’ intelligence and adaptability.

Intelligence of Seagulls

They demonstrate tool use and forward planning, cognitive abilities often associated with higher mammals.

Adaptability is a key indicator of intelligence, as it requires learning and applying new behaviors in response to changing environments.


They thrive in diverse habitats, from coastal areas to urban environments, indicating a high degree of behavioral flexibility.

The seagull casually strolls into a shop, much like a human customer would - and it seems to know exactly what it’s looking for.

The Footage

It suggests the bird has learned to recognize human food packaging - and it also seems to know exactly where it's stored!

This impressive shoplifting is a testament to the bird’s ability to learn and exploit opportunities in human-dominated environments!

Diet of Seagulls

In their natural coastal habitats, seagulls often feed on marine organisms like fish, crabs, and mollusks.

In urban environments, they readily exploit human food sources, scavenging in garbage bins and landfills.

Unlike many species, seagulls can drink both fresh and salt water. They have special glands above their eyes that flush the salt from their systems.

Salt Water

Swipe up for the footage!

Swipe up for the footage!