Seal Thinks Diver Is Drowning and Assumes Role of Lifeguard

By Josie  September 1st, 2023

This seal thinks a diver is drowning, and immediately assumes the role of lifeguard and extends a helping flipper.

Seal Thinks Diver is Drowning: An Attempted Rescue

A wild seal was captured on video trying to rescue a diver, mistakenly believing the diver was in distress.

In an attempt to save him, the seal gently tugs at his cap with his teeth and uses its flippers to pull the diver up to the surface.

Not only that, the seal leaves and then returns with its seal family, having spread the message of the endangered diver.

Anyone who has had the privilege of diving or snorkeling in areas populated by seals will attest to their playful and curious demeanor.

A Display of Curiosity

Across the world, divers share stories of seals pulling on their fins, mirroring their movements, and even playfully nibbling at their diving suits.

Seals, like many marine mammals, have a high degree of emotional intelligence.

The Emotional Intelligence of Seals

The seal’s attempt to “rescue” the diver that it thinks is drowning is a clear indication of its ability to empathize with other beings.

The seal that thinks a diver is drowning is a beautiful display of altruism.

Altruism is the act of helping another individual, even if it comes at a cost to oneself.

What Is Altruism?

Above all, this story is a profound reminder of the deep emotional connections and understanding that animals are capable of.

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