Selkirk Rex Cat

Have you heard of the beautiful Selkirk Rex cat?

The Selkirk Rex is a rare cat known for its wonderfully soft and luxurious fur.

This breed was first discovered in Montana in 1987 by breeder Jeri Newman, who found a litter of cats with an unusual curly coat.


After careful study, it was determined that the cats had a genetic  mutation that caused their distinctive fur coats, and they were  subsequently named after Newman’s stepfather, Sally Selkirk.

The species has recently gained much attention on social media and  television shows due to its sweet nature and friendly personality.


The cat came into existence from two-parent cats, a medium-haired black  smoke female Persian and an unknown male with curly fur.


In 1994, the International Cat Association (TICA) recognized the Selkirk  Rex as an official breed and began registering them for competition.

The 2009 movie “Alice in Wonderland” even featured a Selkirk Rex playing Cheshire Cat!

This breed is known to be extremely affectionate, loyal, playful, and gentle.


Selkirk Rex cats have been described as having “dog-like” personalities because of their loyalty and eagerness to please humans.


The Selkirk Rex may be the ideal feline companion for those looking for an independent yet loving pet.


There are many more interesting facts to discover about this little animal. 

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