By Josie  September 13th, 2023

Shark Rams Into Kayaker Twice During Seal Hunt

A shark rams into a kayaker who narrowly escapes falling victim to this feared marine predator.

On a serene Saturday, Greg Potter embarked on a kayaking adventure in the waters of Waihau Bay, New Zealand.

Potter, who owns GP Fishing Adventures, was about to witness nature’s raw and ruthless side, up close and personal.

He noticed a disturbance in the water, and mistaking it for tuna, he approached the site only to realize a shark was chasing a seal.

An Unexpected Encounter

In a desperate attempt to escape the predator, the seal identified Potter’s kayak as a potential hiding spot.

The shark leaped out of the water, following the seal and crashing into the kayak not once, but twice.

Shark Rams Kayaker

The force of the second impact was so strong that it nearly knocked Potter out of his kayak.


Realizing the gravity of the situation, he ceased recording the event and focused on navigating away from the dangerous encounter.

With adrenaline fueling his escape, Potter pedaled away from the site, creating distance between him and the pursuing shark.

The Escape

While Potter managed to escape unharmed, the incident highlights the potential dangers that lurk in the wild waters.

Swipe up to see the video!

Swipe up to see the video!