Shark Sighting at Rockaway Beach


Beachgoers enjoying the summer sun at Rockaway Beach were in for a thrilling surprise today

As their peaceful day was interrupted by a shark sighting.

The ocean predator was spotted around 11:30 a.m. in the Hammels section of the beach.

The Parks Department swiftly responded to the sighting, closing Beach 99-74 for swimming.

This quick action ensured the safety of beach visitors, effectively preventing any possible encounters between them and the shark.

Brooklyn resident Chip Newell, one of the witnesses, described the scene as..

“The shark was probably 50 yards out, and they called for everybody to get out of the water. Is it a brown fin? It wasn’t a dolphin…There were a lot of helicopters here within a matter of probably 15 minutes. It was pretty crazy”.

Following the sighting, the New York Police Department (NYPD) conducted an aerial surveillance of the area.

Their efforts were vital in ascertaining the situation and ensuring that people were safe to return to the water.

After approximately one hour of closure, the beach was open again, and people were allowed back into the water.

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