By Josie  December 12th, 2023

Snake Owner Attacked and Constricted During Feeding Time

It’s feeding time, and this hungry snake thinks its owner looks like a nice snack.

The snake attacks her and begins to constrict her whole arm – reminding all snake owners how important it is to have safety protocols.

As she opens the cage, the snake sticks its head out. Suddenly, the situation escalates, and the snake lunges and bites her hand.

Snake Attacks and Constricts Owner

Then, it swiftly begins to coil around her entire arm, constricting it tighter and tighter.

Pet snake or not, snakes can be unpredictable and dangerous creatures.

When bitten by a pet snake, immediate action is crucial. Firstly, remain calm to avoid escalating the situation.

What to Do

Once free, clean the wound thoroughly with soap and water to prevent infection. Seek medical attention, especially if the bite is deep or if you feel unwell.

It’s also important to understand why the snake bit you to prevent future incidents.

Always handle your snake with care and respect, understanding its needs and behavior.

Necessary Safety

Never handle your snake when it’s shedding, after feeding, or if it’s showing signs of stress.

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