Surfers Share Wave with Great White Shark at Surfing Competition

Surfers were spotted sharing a wave with a Great White Shark at the ongoing international surfing competition in South Africa.

Jeffreys Bay (situated in South africa) annually welcomes the world’s top surfers for the World Surf League’s (WSL) Championship Tour event, the J-Bay Open.

The Competition

A group of young surfers returned from the ocean saying they had spotted a shark so close they had even been able to see its eyes.

Eye-to-Eye with a Great White

In response to this, a drone was deployed and the footage immediately confirmed their suspicions - a Great White was cruising along the  surfers.

Drone Footage

Fortunately, the situation resolved without incident.

All surfers promptly exited the water, and the shark calmly continued on its course up the point before eventually moving along.

Jeffreys Bay, locally known as “J-Bay”, is nestled along the picturesque coastline of South Africa and is dubbed a surfer's paradise.

More About Jeffreys Bay

Its unique location allows it to receive both south and southwest swells. As a result, there’s a variety of breaks that cater to surfers of all skill levels.

Why Is It a Surfer's Paradise?

Also, the region benefits from the sweeping currents of the warm Agulhas Current - keeping the water at a comfortable temperature.

Frequency of Great Whites in Jeffreys Bay

Overall, Jeffreys Bay has gained a reputation as a hotspot for great white shark activity.

Jeffreys Bay benefits from the warm waters of the Agulhas Current - this attracts an abundance of marine life that serves as a food source for great whites.

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