By Josie  September 28th, 2023

POV: Camera Takes Picture Every Time Your Dog Gets Excited

This might just be the peak of our age of technology: a camera that takes a picture every time your dog gets excited.

What better way to get to know your furry bestie even better?

While their wagging tails give away their happiness, it’s often a mystery what exactly captures their attention.

A Glimpse Into Their World

Nikon’s special camera, designed for our canine companions, offers a rare insight into their world.

Nikon Asia’s innovative project, titled “Heartography,” involves a camera mounted on a dog’s chest.

The Heartography Project

This camera is triggered by the dog's heartbeat. When the heart rate spikes, it snaps a photo, capturing the exact moment of excitement.

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How does this work? The camera is connected to an external heart rate monitor.

The Technology

This is the perfect blend of biology and technology, capturing candid moments from our dog’s life, allowing us to get a unique glimpse into their world.

From encounters with other dogs to the sight of their food bowl, the photos reveal what makes a dog’s day.

It’s not just a camera; it’s a window into a dog’s soul.

More Than Just a Gadget

There's also a bigger pictur ebehind this gadget. It reminds us to appreciate the little things in life, just like our dogs do.

The Bigger Picture

Swipe up to see all the pictures taken!

Swipe up to see all the pictures taken!