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African Civet 

Physical Characteristics

Civet behavior allows them to survive in their unique environments. Their role in the wild in which they live, as well as their cultural and economic significance to human societies, point out the importance of protecting these elusive mammals for future generations to enjoy

Behavior Of the African Civet

African Civets exhibit strong social behavior and rely on diverse vocalizations to convey messages within their group. They have up to 40 calls, including barks which they use to signal threats, communicate during mating rituals, and establish dominance hierarchies

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Behavior Of the African Civet

Role In Ecosystem

The African Civet plays a vital role in the ecosystems of sub-Saharan Africa, contributing to the balance and stability of the food chain

Impact On Human Societies

The African Civet has played an important role in human societies, particularly in the perfume industry. Perfume producers highly prize their musky scent glands, and civet oil was once a common ingredient in perfumes.

Special Adaptions

The civet's secretion is highly prized in the perfume industry, where it is often used as a base note in many high-end fragrances.

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