By Josie  January 8th, 2024

Rattlesnake Attacked and Killed by Bobcat

While any sane human would run for the hills if they encountered a rattlesnake, this bobcat doesn’t shy away.

Despite the looming threat of a lethal bite, this bobcat successfully attacks and kills a rattlesnake.

The rattlesnake aggressively strikes back, but the bobcat dodges and weaves.

After a tense struggle, the bobcat triumphs, gripping the snake’s head in its jaws and ultimately walking away with its prize to have its meal in peace.

The Footage

Despite its relatively small size, the bobcat in the video exemplifies the courage and hunting prowess of its species.

Small But Brave

Typically weighing between 15 to 40 pounds and measuring about twice the size of a domestic cat, bobcats nonetheless have impressive predatory skills.

Bobcats are opportunistic feeders, with diets that vary greatly depending on their habitat and the availability of prey.

Do They Usually Eat Rattlesnakes?

While small mammals like rabbits and rodents form the bulk of their diet, they are known to occasionally prey on larger animals, including reptiles like rattlesnakes.

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Insights From Wildlife Cams

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