Biggest Buffalo Ever Recorded

In the vast tapestry of wildlife, the American Bison, often referred to  as the buffalo, stands as a symbol of strength, resilience, and  grandeur.

Grasslands and prairies of North America


When it comes to immense sizes, nothing beats the incredible story of the largest buffalo ever recorded.

Herbivorous, with a diet consisting of grasses, sedges, and other vegetation


This monumental specimen, named “Big Bull,” stood head and shoulders above the rest.

15-20 years

Average Lifespan

Hailing from the plains of North America, Big Bull was truly a colossus

Lives in herds, with males and females forming separate groups for most of the year and coming together during mating season

Social behaviour

weighing a mind-boggling 3,800 pounds (1,724 kilograms) and measuring 10 feet (3 meters) tall at the hump

1000-2200 pounds (450-1000 kg) for males; 800-1200 pounds (360-540 kg) for females

Average Weight

Imagine a creature more massive than a small car, with a strength that could rival the engines of modern trucks!

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