The Enigma Of The Greenland Shark


Explore when the Greenland Shark was First Discovered, its Habitat, Appearance, and more!

First Discovered

Back in 1936, off the coast of Greenland. This adventurous shark was later recaptured in 1952

First discovered

Through this encounter, scientists discovered that Greenland sharks grow at a leisurely pace of just 0.5–1 cm per year. Talk about taking life slowly


Found in the Arctic and subarctic regions, making it well-adapted to the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean


Ranging from 2.4 to 7 meters (7.9 to 23.0 feet) and weighing between 400 and 1,400 kg (880 to 3,090 lbs)


Thick layers of fat and a sluggish metabolism help it endure the icy waters


While its dark, almost black skin absorbs sunlight to maintain body temperature


Populations in Greenland, Iceland, Canada, and other regions


They can be found in coastal and deep-sea environments, inhabiting depths up to 2,200 meters below the surface

Feeding Habits

Opportunistic feeding strategy, this enigmatic shark is known to scavenge the carcasses of seals, fish, and even polar bears that sink to the ocean floor

Is the Greenland Shark Aggressive?

Fairly sluggish. Its slow movements and cold-water habitat make it a rather laid-back predator


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