The Great White Shark


Let’s get to know the Largest Shark of them all – The Great White Shark!

Great white sharks, one of the ocean’s most formidable predators, are instantly recognisable due to their distinctive gray top and white underside coloration.

They are known for their impressive size, reaching remarkable lengths of up to 20 feet and weighing a massive 2 tons or more.

Current estimates indicate that the global population of great white sharks comprises over 3,000 individuals.

They employ several hunting strategies, including stalking, cruising, breaching (jumping out of the water), or ambushing prey from below.

Some researchers believe that great whites may even use tools during hunting by propping up pieces of kelp or debris to surprise unsuspecting prey from beneath.

They grow throughout their entire lives, so older sharks can grow to incredible sizes


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The Cuban Great White

The Greatest White Shark ever recorded:

The tale of the Cuban Great White dates back to 1945 when fishermen reportedly came across an immense great white shark while fishing off the coast of Cuba.

The marine biologists measured the shark’s weight to impressively 7,000 pounds (3,175kg) and 21 feet long.

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