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Ever Caught

The Largest Bluefin Tuna 

Bluefin Tunas can grow to extreme sizes but can nonetheless swim at fast speeds.

Pretty impressive right?

The Largest Bluefin Tuna Ever Caught

In 1979, Ken Fraser caught a Bluefin Tuna that measured 1496 pounds.

This remains the largest Atlantic bluefin tuna ever caught, more than four decades later.

Fraser spent a staggering 45 minutes trying to bring the fish in, and an additional 10 hours was needed to dehydrate it.

In 2012, an 873-pound Atlantic bluefin tuna was caught, breaking the previous world record for the heaviest fish that has ever been caught with a rod and reel.

Other Notable Catches

They are known for their metallic blue and silver coloration on the body’s top half and iridescent silver coloration on the bottom half.

Appearance of Bluefin Tuna

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Bluefin tuna has a unique blood vessel system that allows them to keep their body temperature elevated, which helps them swim faster in cold water.


Atlantic bluefin tuna is a fish that calls the Atlantic Ocean home. From Newfoundland to Brazil and Norway to South Africa, these fish propagate throughout.

Atlantic bluefin tuna are carnivores with a diet mainly consisting of smaller fish, squid, and crustaceans.


They are well known for having massive hunger and incredible appetites.

In fact, they typically eat around 25% of their body weight per day!

The high demand for bluefin tuna in sushi markets has led to extensive overfishing of this species.


Conservation efforts include reducing fishing quotas, improving data collection, and increasing enforcement of fishing regulations.

Conservation Efforts

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