By Josie  July 10th, 2023

Capuchin Monkeys Are the Only Primates to Use Tools

Capuchin monkeys use many different tools to aid their survival, illustrating this cute monkey’s high intelligence.

Capuchin monkeys live primarily in Central and South America. Here, they inhabit tropical rainforests and dry deciduous forests.

Where do they live?

Capuchin monkeys can use various tools to procure food, navigate their environment, and even to protect themselves.

What Do They Use Tools For?

Their tools are primarily made from objects in their environment, such as sticks, rocks, leaves, and even thorns.

What Are the Tools Made Out of?

One example of these tools is using twigs to fish insects from tree bark, or using sticks to probe tree holes for insects.

They also use leaves to fan themselves or to create a makeshift container to hold water.

These monkeys frequently share their knowledge and skills of tool-making with their peers and the following generation, which aids in their survival.

Generational Knowledge

They are especially famous for their nut-creacking skills; they hold it between their teeth and strike it against a hard surface till it cracks open.


Other than tool-use, studies show that capuchin monkeys can solve complex problems and even communicate in ways thought unique to humans.

Also, research shows that individual differences in the size and shape of the brain can significantly impact cognitive abilities.

Habitat loss due to deforestation and fragmentation is a significant concern, as is hunting and capturing for the pet trade.


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