By Josie  June 6th, 2023

The Largest

School of Fish

Ever Witnessed

Every year along South Africa’s coastline between May and July, billions upon billions of tiny silvery fish gather in an epic migration.

This is the largest school of fish ever witnessed.

The sardine run is the largest migration of fish in the world which creates a feeding frenzy for predators along the way.

Typically, this single, vast school of sardines measure up to seven miles long, two miles wide, and 30 feet deep.

How Big Is It?

You can observe the largest school of fish along the South African East Coast.

Popular cities include Port Elisabeth, Durban, Coffee Bay, Port St. Johns, and Scottburgh.

Where Can You Witness it?

Standing on rocky outcrops or sandy beaches, one can witness the Sardine Run spectacle unfold before your eyes.

From the Shore

Boat Excursions

Setting sail at daybreak, when marine activity is at its peak, offers an unforgettable encounter with the Sardine Run

If you go for a dive you’ll be surrounded by the swirling masses of sardines and their vigilant predators.

Scuba Diving

Amount of Fish

It’s impossible to establish an exact number, the largest school of fish consists of millions of sardines.

It creates a shimmering wave that stretches as far as the eye can see

Interaction Between Species

During the sardine run, predators reap the rewards of this huge feast, and sardines harness the power of collective movement for their survival.

#1 Dolphins #2 Sharks  #3 Seabirds  #4 Game Fish

Other Animal You'll Spot at the Sardine Run

Safety Tips

#1 Always wear a life jacket if you plan to watch from the water.

#2 Always opt for a reputable and experienced guide who can maneuver the boat safely.

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