Get to know  The Turkish Van




The Turkish Van is an ancient breed of cat that is beloved for its unique patterns, intelligence, and independent nature

It’s a magnificent animal that makes a wonderful pet for those who appreciate the challenge of owning an independent feline companion.

The Turkish Van is one of the oldest known breeds of cats in the world.


The Turkish Van originated in Turkey, where breeders have known it since the 16th century as the ‘Van Kedisi’ (translation: Cat from Van)

The Turkish Van is a cat with a thick, soft, and silky double coat that is easy to groom because it doesn’t shed much

These cats are easy to train  and quickly learn new tricks

The Turkish Van cat needs more grooming than other cats because of their semi-long hair.

Let's Identify the potential health issues to these cuties

Heart Disease Kidney Disease Allergies Skin Conditions

They may be related to some of the domesticated felines in ancient Egypt due to their unusual markings and eye coloration.

The Turkish Van is known for their intelligence and independence. This makes them the perfect pet for those seeking a challenge.

Due to their slightly water-resistant coats, these cats don’t mind swimming. If you own a Turkish Van, you can enjoy teaching them how to swim

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