By Alana Theron

The Perfect Photobomb Doesn’t Exis-

By Alana Theron

Now, you’ve probably pondered whether the perfect photobomb exists.

Well, a photo posted on Twitter confirms our suspicions of this statement, featuring a fisherman, a fish, and a Labrador retriever.

The fish captured in the photo is a brown trout. Brown trout are one of the most genetically diverse vertebrates, surpassing the human race.

They have between 38 and 42 chromosomes, whereas humans humans only have 23.

They can live up to 20 years, but many males die after spawning.

Brown trout are found around northern Norway and White Sea tributaries in Russia in the Arctic Ocean to the Atlas Mountains in North Africa.

They are stream resident populations, typically found in high-altitude streams and sometimes large rivers, lakes, and ponds.

These fish are opportunistic carnivores that eat aquatic insects, small fish, snails, and worms.

Breeding occurs in autumn or early winter. A typical female trout will produce around 2,000 per kg of body weight when spawning!

The photo shows a fisherman smiling at the camera, hands outstretched as if holding something (i.e., the brown trout), unaware of the scene around him.

On the left, a brown trout has managed to jump out of the fisherman’s hands and is frozen in mid-air. On the right, the fisherman’s dog’s full attention is on the brown trout.

Photos like this remind one of the intricate ways that animals and humans co-exist, sometimes resulting in perfect photobombs and comical encounters that one can laugh about later.

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