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the Cast of Barbie’s Pets

the Cast of Barbie’s Pets

The Ultimate List of

From dogs and cats to pygmy goats and tarantulas, these pets offer a fascinating glimpse into the personal lives of the actors.

She and her husband, Tom Ackerley, have adopted three rescue dogs. The dog featured above is a pitbull named Belle.

#1 Margot Robbie

Margot also had a pet rat named Rat Rat, a unique gift from Jared Leto during the filming of Suicide Squad.

His most iconic furry family member was a mixed-breed dog named George, who he referred to as the “true love of his life”.

#2 Ryan Gosling

In addition to George, Gosling and his wife, Eva Mendes, adopted a rescue Doberman named Lucho in July 2019.

Will Ferrell is the proud owner of an exotic bird collection, allegedly valued at $7.8 million.

#3 Will Ferrell

According to rumours, Ferrell’s favorite bird is a Turkey Vulture named Gregory.

Dua Lipa has a unique addition to her family – two pet pygmy goats who are named Funky and Bam Bam.

#4 Dua Lipa

These unconventional family members are part of what Dua Lipa affectionately refers to as her “animal kingdom.”

Kate has a pet cat named Nino Positano, he is named after the pizza restaurant where he was found.

#5 Kate McKinnon

In addition to Nino, McKinnon had a pet iguana named Willy while growing up. However, she described their relationship as contentious.

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