The Vaquita’s Fight Against Extinction

Cayla de Souza

The vaquita is a small porpoise species facing extinction, found only in the northern Gulf of California, Mexico.

Characterized by dark eye rings and a rounded head, the vaquita is easily distinguishable and is the smallest living cetacean.

Human activities, especially illegal fishing, have led to a significant decline in the vaquita population.

Totoaba is hunted for its swim bladder, highly valued on the black market, especially in China.

Despite the Mexican government's efforts to ban gillnets and protect vaquitas, illegal fishing persists.

Conservation efforts include making it a felony to remove endangered species and prohibiting gillnet use.

Raising awareness and promoting responsible consumption can play a vital role in conserving this endangered species.

As the world’s most endangered marine mammal, the vaquita symbolizes the devastating impact of human activities on ecosystems.


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