The worlds cutest courtship

Alana Theron

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

Meet the Maratus Volans or more commonly known as the peacock spider

Peacock Siders are native to Austrailia, and amoungst the smallest spiders in the world  

These mini beasties are set apart from other spiders due to the males colorful apperance 

Lined Circle

These miniscule anrachids are known for  having a unique mating dance,filled with color and finely planned dance moves

To start this orchestrated dance a male must first find a female of the same species

Then he grabs her attention by flashing his array of colors

Next, he raises his third pair of legs creating the illusion of a larger, more impressive presence.

The dance officially begins when the male starts waving his brightly colored abdomen up and down while simultaneously moving his legs.

The female carefully observes his every move, judging the quality of his dance and the brilliance of his colors

This intense inspection ensures that only the most genetically fit males are granted the privilege of fathering the next generation of peacock spiders.

Although these tiny spiders may be minute, their vibrant colors and mesmerizing dances demonstrate that nature’s most captivating performances can come from the unlikeliest performers

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