By Josie  June 7th, 2023

The World's Tiniest Fish:

The Dwarf Pygmy Goby

 32,000 fish species currently exist.

 This is more species than mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians combined.

The Dwarf Pygmy Goby is the tiniest out of all of them!

The Dwarf Pygmy Goby is the smallest species in its family, growing up to 0,5 inches long (at most!)


Their color can vary depending on their habitat, but usually, they have a pale yellow to translucent body with brownish-red markings.


They can be found near or on coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region, where they can hide in small crevices.


They follow an omnivorous diet, eating both plants and animals.


Because of their small size, they have adapted to eating small microorganisms, which they can filter from the water.

The world's tiniest fish also has an exceptional memory and can easily remember the location of food sources.

They have a strong parental instinct, with both male and female gobies actively caring for their eggs.


Tank Conditions

Dwarf Pygmy Gobies are tiny but need enough space to swim around. Keep them in a tank of at least 10 gallons and a temperature range of 76-80°F.

Dwarf Pygmy Gobies love to hide, so provide enough hiding spots with decorations. Include plants, rocks, or caves in the tank.

#1 Fascinating addition to your aquarium #2 Beautiful coloration and markings #3 Active and engaging behavior #4 Suitable for small aquariums

Pros of Owning One

#1 Small size makes them less visible #2 Requires a carefully planned environment #3 Limited availability in the aquarium trade #4 Feeding is challenging due to their size

Cons of Owning One

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