By Josie  August 30th, 2023

This Cuddly Alligator Is a Licensed Emotional Support Pet

Are you ready to meet Wally the Alligator – perhaps the most atypical emotional support pet?

Let's cuddle!

Wally isn’t your typical alligator - he was rescued from a pond in Disney World and was taken in by Henney and became his emotional support pet.

A Gator with a Heart of Gold

Now, Wally resides in Henney’s home, enjoying a diet of Cheetos and chicken legs.

Describing Wally as his “emotional support alligator,” Wally especially comforted Henney following his cancer diagnosis.

More Than Just a Pet

Wally wasn’t just a pet; he was a companion providing emotional support in the truest sense.

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Wally has been on numerous adventures, from visiting doctor’s offices to being a ring bearer at a wedding.

Wally's Adventures

He’s even visited senior living facilities, where, despite initial apprehensions, he managed to win over residents.

Wally’s a living example that challenges our perceptions and encourages us to approach life with an open heart and mind.

A Symbol of Hope

It's a type of assistance animal specifically designated to help individuals cope with mental or emotional disabilities.

What Is a Licensed Emotional Support Pet?

Unlike service animals,  trained to perform tasks, ESAs provide therapeutic benefits through companionship.

Emotional support pets are prescribed by licensed mental health professionals as part of a treatment plan.

Swipe up to see the video!

Swipe up to see the video!