By Josie  December 16th, 2023

Tiger Causes Death at Drive-Through Zoo

This blood-chilling video shows the high price you might pay if you don’t follow the safety rules when watching wildlife: death by a tiger at a zoo.

To add another tragic twist to the story, it’s in fact not the woman in the footage who died – but her mom who attempted to rescue her daughter.

In 2016, at the Badaling Wildlife World, a drive-through animal park, a woman was fatally mauled by a Siberian tiger.

Death at the Zoo

The incident occurred when a woman stepped out of her car – directly violating the vital park-safety rules. CCTV footage captured the tiger dragging her away.

However, it was the woman’s mother who was fatally injured, as she also got out of the car in an attempt to save her daughter.

While it’s greatthat they offer close encounters with wildlife, they can lead to dangerous situations if safety protocols are not strictly followed.

Risks of Drive-Through Zoos

Although the animals in these settings are captive animals, they still maintain their wild and predatory instincts.

Typically, animals in drive-through zoos do not attack cars as they often recognize them as non-threatening, large objects

Why Animals Don't Attack Cars

However, when individuals step out of their vehicles, animals will register people as threats or prey – potentially triggering their natural predatory instincts.

The question of who bears the most responsibility, the visitors or the zoo, in situations like this remains complicated and polarized.

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