Top 10 Animals that Saved Lives

 by Linnea

March 21, 2023

As a rule, animals are the most caring and benevolent. This article brings the stories of various animals who saved human’s lives in their best possible manner.

They work with their pure sole and grateful hearts. Stay tuned to read about the top 10 animals that have saved lives.

December 1999 where number of people died due to heavy rain and food flash. The dog named Orion saved around 37 people in this disaster that happened at Vargas. Orion rescued a girl who was around 8 years old.

#1 A dog named Orion

There was a women named Altsman who was cardiac patient, fell on a ground when a sudden pains starts in her chest.  She was alone in her home at that time, when Lulu saw that her owner was lying on the ground she ran very quickly and asking for help on the road but no one came with her.

#2 A pig named Lulu

#2 A pig named Lulu

#3 A goat named Mandy

A farmer broked his hip and he just survived because of his goat Mandy’s help. It was winter season with stormy weather and Mandy allow his owner to drink her milk in those 5 days. This way Mandy saved her owner life

#4  An Elephant named Ning Nong

There was a girl named Amber Owen who was from British and was around 8 year old. She was in Thailand for a holiday. When she was near the beach there was a big tide wave of around 200 tides has happen. When Ning Nong was running away from the water, there is a wall came between their ways, he suddenly came to known that the wall will help Amber in climbing and can save her life from drowning.

#5 A lion named Ethiopia 

When a 12 year old girl was kidnapped in Ethiopia, 3 lions saved her life by scaring the kidnappers. They continued to care for the girl until she was reunited with her family. 

Megan, Willie’s hostess, was caring for her roommate’s daughter who was 2 years old, Megan briefly left space, and the child, Hannah, was taking her breakfast when she got choked. The parrot shouted over and over again and starts moving the wings and continuously saying “Mom! Mom!”

#6 A parrot named William

#7 A rabbit named Dory

A diabetic man aged 42 is saved by his rabbit Dory. His rabbit saved his life from Coma. As the man sat in front of the television, he got the diabetic attack through which he is not able to move or say anything. When Dory saw this she found that something is wrong with his owner and he quickly jumped on his owner’s chest. The owner’s wife is in kitchen and saw Dory was behaving very differently and found that something is wrong.

#8 A dolphin named Philippines

A man named Ronnie Dabal was fishing and a sudden storm hits and overturned his boat. It was happened in year 2008. He sat on the top of the boat and stats battling with the waves.When he was fighting, around a group of 30 dolphins came along with some whales. They start pushing his boat and saved his life.

#9 A Golden Retriever named Toby

Toby's special woman couldn’t stop choking with an apple stuck in her throat, Toby couldn’t help but hug her tightly to his chest causing the hangman’s apple to fall off.

#10 A dog named Kabang

Kabang, the canine who lost her nose for saving two young ladies from being run over by a cruiser

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