Top 10 Best Safari Countries for 2023

Venturing out into the wilderness to witness wildlife is always an amazing experience. Whether you go with your friends or families; the thrill remains the same.

#1 Botswana

Botswana, with its wildlife conservation and natural parks, is a haven for nature lovers. It is currently in the top 5, as its approach to the protection and conservation of wildlife is worth the praise.

Kenya, as a country for Safari, is a force to reckon with. Its stunning wildlife environment is too phenomenal to put into words.


#3 Malawi

Even though many would face some difficulties in locating Malawi on a map, given how tiny it is, the country is home to the world-renowned Lake Malawi National Park.

When it comes to countries with the least amount of population, Namibia is one of them. Which proves to be a good thing for nature.

#4 Namibia

#5 Rwanda

Rwanda’s mountain gorillas. They were famously broadcasted and their fight for survival was shown on National Geographic.

For some time now, South Africa has been climbing the charts to become one of the most popular destinations for African safaris. It is very convenient and cheap destination for people from the United States.

#6 South africa

#7 Tanzania

We talked about Kenya being the top destination for Safari. Now Tanzania here takes second place in being the continent’s most popular safari destination.

#8 Uganda

Often called “The Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is certainly a great pick for an African safari.


Zambia may be a bit far down the list of popular destinations for your African safari, but many consider it to be a destination for diversified and immersive safari experiences.

#10 Zimbabwe

The country’s most popular attraction is undoubtedly the 354-foot-tall Victoria Falls. The location receives 1000 visitors per day.