Top 10 Cutest Fish in the World

There are several attractive fish in nature that leave the human eye in admiration.

The butterfly fish is a bright-colored fish that is mainly found in black, white, yellow, red, orange, and blue colors. They are freshwater fish and can be kept in a large aquarium.

#10 Butterfly Fish

Fancy guppy or rainbow fish come in beautiful color patterns which are absolute eye-catchers. Guppy fish comprises three hundred species.

#9 Fancy Guppy

Females who are in their breeding season portray a very attractive and bright cherry-red color on their bodies. They are mainly found in the mouth of the Ethiope River near the Niger Delta.

#8 Rainbow Kribensis

Betta are also known as Siamese fighting fish and are found in still ponds and slow-moving streams. Betta are carnivores in nature and therefore require an animal-based diet.

#7 Betta

The name ‘regal’ speaks for itself as it’s a beautiful fish that has vibrant patterns. They can be placed in a large aquarium with a lot of hiding spaces.

#6 Regal Angelfish

This fish has a bright blue base with yellow and black patterns. The character ‘Dory’ in the movie “Finding Nemo” brought it great popularity. They are omnivores and feed on fish like plankton with algae forming a big part of their diet.

#5 Blue Tang

This fish belongs to the Dragonet family and are one of the most exquisite creations of nature. It has an electric blue body with bright orange and green which is mesmerisingly eye-catching.

#4 Mandarinfish

The Bluefin Notho originates from Mozambique. This fish has a unique and breathtaking physical appearance. They have a red base along with vibrant flashes of electric blue and turquoise.

#3 Bluefin Notho

They are miniature and magnificent creations of nature. Sea horses move up and down often, so require vertical space in a tank.  They are omnivores and can survive on both plant and animal-based food.

#2 Sea Horse

The Clown fish is also known as the anemone fish. They reside in sheltered areas in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea. 

#1 Clown Fish

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